Clay Hodges, also know as Clay Doe (Dreamer Of Enlightenment), is a Savannah, GA native hip-hop artist. He started writing around the age of 10 to express the pleasures and frustrations of his life. His journaling evolved into poetry and then on to songs. He began to realize his potential around the age of 15 and began to peruse a music career. Clay, now 21, is workin on his 3th official project and is looking to further his music career. “They say the best part is the come up. It’s a bit demanding but I’m enjoying ever minute of it,” says Clay. “I’m on a mission. I have places to go, and people to reach, I won’t stop until it’s complete. My family, my friends, and my city is counting on me. It’s deeper than music. I have something to say, and it’s folks out there that need to hear it.”