Who The Heck Are We?

Who are you? Why should we send you our music? Why should we even listen to your radio?

These are good questions. If we were in your position we would probably be asking the mysterious radio station the same questions also. So to answer these questions as straight forward as possible we are just like you, music lovers.

Galactic Rule Radio was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by a small team of musicians, producers, marketers, and music lovers who had the crazy idea of promoting independent music. We realized there was a lot of great music being made by artists that never get brought up in everyday discussion. To prevent these precious gems from being lost in time we devised a plan to give listeners everywhere direct access to the music of independent artists from around the world.

Behind The Scenes

We exist to give indie artists a platform where they can get their music out to a global audience without being in direct competition with major labels and their artists. To accomplish this we are constantly working on expanding our influence and partners in the underground music community. Our personal motto is “Help us, help you.” By supporting each other we can push forward great music.